Workshops | 2018

Adam Jahr<br/>Gregg Pollack<br/>
Adam Jahr
Gregg Pollack

Intro to Vue

This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of Vue so you can start being productive and building apps immediately. With visual animations and analogies that make abstract concepts concrete, along with coding challenges that help you learn by doing, you'll have a solid foundation of Vue skills by the end of the day.
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Sébastien Chopin<br/>Alexandre Chopin<br />
Sébastien Chopin
Alexandre Chopin

Universal Applications with Nuxt.js

Basic knowledge of Vue.js is required
This workshop will be using the new Nuxt.js 2
Universal applications are trending for good reasons. They provide great performances, UX, SEO and also PWA capabilities.
Nuxt.js is a higher-level framework built on top of the Vue ecosystem which provides an extremely streamlined development experience for writing universal Vue applications. It is used in production by big companies like Alibaba and Adobe.
This workshop will teach you how to create a universal application with Nuxt.js 2 from scratch to deploying it.
  • Learn Nuxt.js 2
  • Understanding Nuxt.js concepts
  • SSR best practices & caveats
  • Routing
  • HTTP requests with axios to an external API (with proxying)
  • Handling sessions with JWT
  • How Nuxt modules & plugins works and how to author one
  • Adding PWA and notifications
  • Deployment

The creators of Nuxt.js themselves Alexandre and Sébastien Chopin (*aka "The Nuxt brothers"*) will be holding the workshop.
Alex Kyriakidis<br/>Rolf Haug
Alex Kyriakidis
Rolf Haug

Vuex Demystified - Application State Management

In Vue.js is quite simple to work with components, and share data among them using events and props - especially in small to medium projects. When an application starts growing, managing components state might become tedious and overwhelming. This is where Vuex comes to our rescue. Vuex is a state management pattern and official library for Vue.js applications. It serves as a centralized store for all the components in an application, with rules ensuring that the state can only be mutated in a predictable fashion.
By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to develop elegant, debuggable, maintainable, and organized applications using a centralized store. No prior experience with Vuex is needed.
We will answer the common question “When should I use Vuex?” and work on real-world features.
  • Understanding State Management Patterns
  • What is Vuex and what problems solves
  • Core concepts including Mutations, Actions, and Getters
  • Modularising the store
  • Composing Vuex assets using Higher-Order Functions
  • Implementing Vuex pseudo-cache
  • Best practices, common gotchas, and application architecture

Alex Kyriakidis and Rolf Haug will be holding the workshop. The very same ones who are behind and The Vue.js Master Class.
Edd Yerburgh
Edd Yerburgh

Testing Vue Applications from Start to Finish

Tickets almost sold out Testing is an important part of the development process, but it can be difficult to find resources on how to test large applications.
In this workshop you will learn testing by writing tests for a real-world Vue application. The application will be made with Vue, Vue Router, and Vuex
The workshop will cover unit tests, snapshot tests, and end-to-end tests. We’ll use Jest to write unit tests and snapshot tests, and the framework for the end-to-end tests.
Edd Yerburgh is an experienced JavaScript developer working at the BBC and the main author of @vue/test-utils.
Chris Fritz
Chris Fritz

Proven patterns for building Vue applications

Tickets almost sold out
In this workshop, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started building world-class Vue applications.
Topics will include configuring Webpack for single-file components, setting up the most advanced workflows currently possible, how to organize (and reorganize) increasingly complex applications, and more.
Chris Fritz is a Consultant, he is on the core Vue.js team and is the curator of amazing documentation you have come to love.
Jen Looper<br/>Natalia Tepluhina<br/>Filipa Lacerda<br/>Sara Vieira<br/>
Jen Looper
Natalia Tepluhina
Filipa Lacerda
Sara Vieira

Vue Vixens Skulk

Vue Vixens is an initiative created by Jen Looper, a Senior Developer Advocate at Progress, creators of NativeScript, Kendo UI, Open Edge, and more. Vue Vixens' mission is to create workshops to teach Vue.js in a cool and fun way to 'foxy people who identify as women'.
These workshops are designed to help people get better acquainted with both Vue.js and NativeScript-Vue, an implementation of Vue.js that lets developers write native mobile apps using Vue.
Join in with two 3 hour workshops to learn web and mobile technologies with Vue.js.
Jen Looper and Natalia Tepluhina along with awesome mentors (Filipa Lacerda and Sara Vieira) will run this awesome workshop!