Why Vue.js London

Discover what makes Vue.js London a conference worth attending.


Vue.js London is all about discovery and learning. We have new talks, workshops and an Advice Lounge - all presented to you by over 26 experts in the industry.

Learn about technologies and patterns that are at the forefront of the industry by leading experts from all aspects of the web community! Vue, Nuxt, Vuex and State Management, React, Static Site Generators, TypeScript, Machine Learning (ML Kit), Native Rendering, GraphQL, Apollo, Cypress, Jest, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, E2E Testing, Accessability (A11Y), Reactivity, Vue CLI, Server Side Rendering, Application Architecture, Component Patterns, PWAs, Web Sockets, Service Workers, and much more.

Be around for exclusive announcements only at Vue.js London!

Who is already attending?

We have a vast amount of companies attending including: SamKnows, Progress, Algolia, Netlify, Gitlab, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Ubisoft, Telegraph, Teamwork, Vodafone, AND Digital, YLD, JD Sports, UK TV, VSWare, The Hut Group, ProdPad, Fly Frontier, Jet2, Experian, Money Supermarket, Wikimedia, NantHealth and loads more enterprises, small companies and startups.

We have a huge international presence - including people arriving from 17,000km away!

First Time

Don't worry we know it can be daunting - we have got this covered. Join the Conference Buddy booth - network with others in a similar situation. You don't need to spend your time alone at a conference; we can help you find a friend.

You can also prepare in advance by sending them a message on twitter - they'll help find someone for you to hang around with before/during/after the conference.


Talks are not everything to a conference; networking is essential in many aspects. It gives you many opportunities to progress in your career, discuss, learn and make friends. Vue.js London has the perfect setting to network with hundreds of other developers and professionals - form incredible long-lasting connections.

Join the amazing after party held in the same location - where we are providing you more food and drinks to keep the conversations going.

Expert Advice

Join the Advice Lounge to meet amazing experts that are available to help you at any point. If you have a troubling issue that you need help solving - they are available to help and can point you in the right direction. Speakers are also available in this area, ask them further questions on the talks subject matter or create a new discussion. We ensure you have the possibility to learn more from others that have had years of experience in the domain.

Culture & Food

London is known for its widely diverse cultures - at Vue.js London we take culture seriously - we want you to experience the best. The venue location is where the 2012 Olympic games took place - history was made here and shall continue that legacy.

We have the official caterers for the 2012 Olympic Games IOC - indulge in fantastic food and modern and traditional British cuisine! Undoubtedly the best conference food - menu and pictures to come shortly. Many dietary requirements catered for - Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerance, Gluten Free, Halal and more!

Convince the boss?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and improve; our advice is to look at our website and ensure there is plenty of value for you - we are sure there is. If you feel this is the case, note some points as to why you feel this conference is necessary to attend, have a discussion with your line manager (or whoever can help you).

It may not always be possible for the company to provide you with a ticket - but there are other ways your company may be able to help you. Maybe they can provide you 'paid time' to attend the conference - or they can help subsidise costs. It doesn't hurt to compromise and discuss.

If you feel there is anything we can do to help you attend send us a message - team@vuejs.london. We would love to have you attend!

Join the slack

If you are still undecided if this event is for you, join the Vue.js Conferences slack. You can discuss with others and get a feel for the event further.

Join the slack